About joerch.org

The purpose of joerch.org is not to make money as you'll notice if you have a look at the other pages. Instead I put information here about the projects I develop. I'm doing those projects for fun for myself, some of them might become freeware at some point.

I hope my pages help me avoid having to answer the same questions about my projects again and again, but if you have new questions or suggestions that aren't yet covered by the FAQs and other pages, feel free to mail me.

Everything on www.joerch.org represents my own ideas and work except when indicated otherwise. Feel free to use it in a scientifically appropriate way: Use it to develop your own ideas and improve your own projects, but give credits where credits are due.

About the host joerch.org lives on

joerch.org was located at netsys.com (currently it's moving). I am very grateful for the work and resources Len Rose invested to make it possible.

About page layout

I'm trying to use only strict HTML 2.0 in order to keep the pages readable regardless of the browser you're using. If you do have problems, please tell me about it.

Every page contains the date of creating the page and that of the last modification. I'm keeping the master copy in Germany and I'm using local time (GMT+1 / GMT+2), so don't be confused if the date seems to be in the future.

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