Jörch's Go Page

What is Go?

See Jan van der Steen's introduction to Go rules or the European Go Federation's rules, and the newsgroup rec.games.go for more information.

Interface to Jogo

The program itself lives in *.uni-stuttgart.de (Germany), don't be surprised if access is faster or slower than to this page.

I have written a simple Go program myself, called Jogo. It is a bit stronger than Wally, it beats Wally on even most times.

Play with Jogo on a 9x9 board.

Interface to Wally

Wally is a Go playing PD program by William H. Newman (newman@batcomputer.tn.cornell.edu). It doesn't play very strong, nonetheless I have written an HTTP interface for it.

Play with Wally on a 9x9 board.

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