jws - Introduction

A short overview

I started writing jws and jwm on April 11th 1995. It wasn't intended as a window manager for X11 and still isn't. It's rather a prototype for the GUI of my own OS. I'm currently testing the look and feel of it, which means that I'll probably change quite some things and eventually drop the X11 line of development completely.

In spite of that some people asked me whether they're allowed to use it as their window manager and I've allowed it under the condition that they don't ask me to fix bugs or make improvements.

Since you're reading this documentation, you're probably also interested in it, so have a look at what I've compiled here. And ask me if you have more questions (but only after reading the FAQ and the other documents).

Further reading

If you're interested in jws, please have a look at the following documents before you bother me with questions:

A copy of this documentation is available online.

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