wwm - The weird window manager

This is the documentation for version 2.0 of wwm, the weird window manager.

Its development began with jwm 1.0, a window manager for jws, a text window system for X11. After version 1.4, jwm was reimplemented from scratch, because the source of jwm was entangled with the source of jws. The new version was then renamed from jwm 2.0 to wwm 2.0 to avoid confusion with jws.

There's a screenshot of the last (unreleased) version of jwm. wwm looks similar.

It was compiled and tested on Digital UNIX 4.0, FreeBSD 2.2.6 and 3.0, and Solaris 2.6. It was also successfully compiled on HP-UX 10 with MIT X11R5. It might work on other systems too, possibly with some tweaking of compiler options and includes.

Please read the copyright notice and the installation instructions.

If you find a bug and you can reproduce it, please report it to:
Jörg Czeranski <jc@joerch.org>

If you're simply stuck with the installation, reread the installation instructions and ask your local guru.

I'm usually not very interested in suggestions for new featues. There's a "to do" list of a few things I intend to add or fix in later versions.

The online copy of this documentation is sometimes newer than the latest release, in that case a new release is on its way, probably in beta test. Check the download page for public releases.

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Jörg Czeranski